Mar 282012

Since Friday’s last week and next week is holiday, we’re missing a lot of meetings.

Total missing meetings are 8 meetings, 2 weeks (4 meetings) in February, 1 week (2 meetings) in last holiday, and 1 week (2 meetings) in next holiday. We already have a really short time because in 9 April (in 2 weeks) we’re going to have midterm exam.

I hope we can arrange substitute schedule. Mr. Marji told me that it is “excused” and he gave permission to hold class early in the morning or in the evening, since many students are not having class at that time. Maybe the class will be started at 6.30 AM or 6.30 PM.

If started from 6.30 AM it is only last for 1 hour (1 credit), and if started from 6.30 PM the class can be prolong until 8 PM (1.5 hour, 2 credits). Since the evening is longer, I prefer this one.

Minimum substitute meetings are 2 meetings.

These are what I’m proposing:

  • Tuesday: 6.30 PM (3 April 2012)
  • Wednesday 6.30 AM or 6.30 PM (4 April 2012)
  • Thursday 6.30 PM (5 April 2012)
  • Saturday: 07.30 AM (7 April 2012, if it is really urgent)

Please choose 2 time-schedules above in which are suitable to you and tell Syauqi as the leader of the class.

Syauqi should decide the time in which most student are agree with. It must be done in this week so I can arrange the place to Mr. Edy.


My normal class schedule:

  • Monday: NO CLASS
  • Tuesday: 11.10-13.00
  • Wednesday: 9.20-10.10 and 13.00-13.50
  • Thursday: 07.30-09.00
  • Friday: FULL

(in case, we can hold class in normal time schedule )